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We advise you to prevent disease with Yoga & Forest Therapy for healthy life.

Our service is primarily based totally in slicing side psychology, body, mind, soul, science, research and healthful way of life design.


Balance Body & Mind

Our wellness team love the benefits of Meditation and forest therapy.


Strength & Flexibility

Our Yoga team love the benefits of Yoga and Pranayama


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Why people need a health living

The integrated approach of Forest and Yoga Therapy can have a preventative medical effect that makes falling ill less likely, and can help reduce the strain on health services worldwide that stress-related illness cause each year.

01Certified Yoga Therapist

Our expert team love the benefits of Yoga. “Yoga” offers man a conscious process to solve the menacing problems of unhappiness, restlessness and emotional upset, hyper-activity, etc. and helps to evoke the hidden potentialities of a man in a systematic and scientific way. All his faculties – physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual – develop in a harmonious and integrated fashion to meet all-round challenge of the modern technological era with its hectic speed.

02ANFT Certified Forest Therapy Guide

Our certified Forest Therapy guide will offer you a series of “invitations” that will help you slow down, relax and experience the subtleties and the restorative qualities of nature. “Forest Bathing”- the Japanese practice of seeking a deep and meditative connection with nature-is where nature meets the science of wellness. Let the healing power of trees guide your way on a new path to health and happiness.

03Wellness Workshop

A wellness workshop can include experiential learning, knowledge, advice and action steps that aim to improve human health and wellbeing and performance for individuals, teams and organisations.

04Wellness Retreats

An integrative and holistic approach allows you to achieve positive health, wellbeing and happiness. Prakasa Wellness combine and coordinate different disciplines like Forest Therapy, Yoga, Pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda to achieve and maintain optimal state of health.

Your Guide & Trainer

Expert team


Prakash Gopal

MSc. Yoga

Highly certified and realistic skilled educate with a nice of talents and unique interests. Always organized for all kind of exercising and to present training.

    ANFT USA (Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides programs)
    SVYASA Yoga University, Bengaluru, India
    Heartfulness institute USA
    Hanifl Centre India (Accredited by Aerie Backcountry Medicine, USA)

Personal Experience:

Prakash Gopal is a Certified Forest Therapy guide living and working in Wayanad, Kerala, India. He grew up on the border of a beautiful forest where his deep connection to Nature was formed. Following his profession, he moved to Middle East countries where he lived and worked as a safety professional for 12 years. True self called him to become a meditation practitioner so he transitioned to become a Heartfulness Meditation Trainer. After receiving his Forest Therapy Guide Certification from the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT USA), he began his practice in Doha, Qatar guiding the first forest bathing groups in Mia Park. He then moved back to his home state in India and began his study with SVYASA Yoga University and completed MSc in Yoga Therapy. As a Yoga practitioner, he is a professional member of Indian Yoga Association and frequently conducts Yoga classes and forest bathing experiences throughout Wayanad and the world, in-person and online with his organization, prakasa wellness. He is a Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified by the Hanifl Centre India (Accredited by Aerie Backcountry Medicine, USA)

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